AIKLF Statement regarding 2016 National Championships

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AIKLF are issuing this statement in relation to the National Championships 2016.

False accusations have been alleged that some athletes were allowed to change weight categories after not making their weight at the National Championships while other athletes who did not make weight were not allowed to change categories.

AIKLF have investigated these allegations with the hosting club and report that no weight category changes were made on the day at the National Championships. Any changes made to flights were made prior to the National Championships and were due to administrative errors made by coaches and/or the hosting club.

Please note that it is now an official rule that all athletes must make the weight categories they have been entered for in relation to National Championships and Cup of Ireland. No weight category changes will be allowed at weigh-ins. This rule is bringing Kettlebell Sport in line with all other serious sports who do not allow weight changes at competitions.

Finally, AIKLF would like to congratulate all athletes who made their weight categories and acknowledge their effort and hard work to do so and a big thank you must go to Limerick Kettlebell Club for hosting such a well organised event.

aiklf committee