Marble City Kettlebell Club, Co. Kilkenny founded by Mark Stapleton in 2009.

Training times Teens: Tuesday and Thursday at 4:30pm, Saturday at 11am.

Adults: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday. There is no set times currently as all training is currently online.

Location: Bodyworks Gym, 11 O’loughlin Road, Kilkenny.

Contact : 0876102588 Email :

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Marble City Kettlebell Club is based in the heart of Kilkenny city. Our goal is to promote, teach and train the sport known as Girevoy Sport. We are a member of the All Ireland Kettlebell Lifting federation (AIKLF). This gives our athletes the opportunity to compete in Irish competitions, and if athletes are successful at National trials, represent Ireland as part of the Official Irish National team.

Our team train 3 times per week and we have male and female lifters from juniors to seniors. This truly is a sport of all ages and abilities.

Accomplishments: Head Coach, Mark Stapleton, Former vice President & founder of GSU. Former President & coach of AIKLF. Full time Strength & conditioning coach, personal trainer, nutrition therapist & life coach. Martial Arts coach & athlete. Master of Sport in Biathlon & Long Cycle in weight category 68kg + 73kg.2012 Silver medalist European champions. 2016 European Bronze medalist biathlon & LC Pro division.

Assistant Coach, Olivia Phelan Full-time heath & fitness coach. Nutritional therapist. 2015 World Championships amateur bronze medalist.

Our club is proud to have helped numerous members to represent Ireland Internationally. We have developed a very successful youth team over the years, with many World Champion medal holders. We have currently coached 1x International Master of Sports in mens Biathlon. 1x International Master of sport in mens 2 arm Long cycle, 2 x Master of Sport in womens snatch, 2x Master of Sport in mens Two arm Long cycle and 1x Master of Sport in men’s Biathlon.

If you are interested in giving the sport a try and if you are in the area, give us a shout. We’d be happy to hear from you.